The Tokyo Yacht Club

The Tokyo Yacht Club was founded in 1992, when the first Tokyo Metropolitan public harbor (which was named "Yumenoshima Marina") was constructed near Tokyo Port.

The Yuminoshima Marina has 650 berths and is an attractive place for people who love boating. It is located next to Yumenoshima Park and is 1.5 miles from the mouth of the Arakawa River through the channel and its position helps to protect our boats from severe storms and even typhoons. Please note: There is a bridge at the mouth of the Arakawa River and so a boat with a mast height of over 25 m and draft of 3.5m cannot pass through it.

The TYC was originally founded by sailors who used the Marina and we now have some 300 members (120 yachts and 40 power boats) and we have become one of the leading yacht clubs In Japan. It is rare for sailors who enjoy power or sail to found a yacht club together but we have done just that at TYC.

The Club provides several activities. The Club holds races 10 times a year and each race has over 50 yachts (which are categorized into four classes according to their boat type and size) taking part and enjoying the race in Tokyo Bay.

There is not only the racing: off Tokyo Bay are the famous fishing grounds for billfish and members compete, often catching very large fish indeed!

In spring we invite children and sail around Tokyo Bay together with the powerboats. After the sailing we have a rice cake party at the Marina. In October we invite children and their parents to apply to participate in the event and hold a race with them. We hope these experiences stimulate their curiosity toward the sea and sailing.

The TYC has a clubroom in Yumenoshima Marina which is open every weekend. Good times are had by all in the clubroom and after the races it is filled with sailors and spectators alike, all eager to talk about or listen to the days events.

We extend a very warm welcome to our guests and we are looking forward to your visit.


address: Yumenoshima-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 136-0081


Commodore of TYC Minoru Wada